Pure Dried Vacuume Salt [ PDV ]

 PDV Salt

Pure Dried Vaccume Salt
[ PDV ]

We dealing in PDV Salt. Pure Dried Vacuum (PDV) salt is recognized for its exceptional purity and consistent crystalline structure. Manufactured by employing a vacuum evaporation process, PDV salt stands out from other forms due to its minimal impurity content.

Product Details

Product Type SALT
Processing Type Refined
Appearance White
Additive NA
Shelf Life 2-3 Years
Place of Origin Gujarat, India
Certificate ISO, SGS
Foam Power
Packaging PP Bags with inner liner
Purity 99%
Weight 25, 50KG Bags
Brand Name Customized
Loading Port Mundra, Tuticorin - India
Lead Time 10-15 Days
Supply Ability 5000-6000 Ton Per Month
Particle Size 800-850

Product Analysis

Sodium Chloride as NacL 99.7% Min
Magnesium as Mg 0.03%
Moisture 0.05%
Calcium as CA 0.04%
Sulphate as So4 0.07%
Water Insoluble 0.03%
Alkalinity ( As Na2Co3) 0.31%
Hardness (at80GPL Sol’n) 140 PPM
Ph (5% Aqua Sol’n) 6.86 pH
Lead ( As a Pb) 2 max PPM
Arsenic (As a As) 1 max PPM
Iron ( as a Fe) 50 max PPM
Black Particle 10-15 per Kg
Particle Size Passing through 850 Mic : 97.5% Passing through 150 Mic : 5.69%
PPM can add 30 to 80PPM as per country requirement

Packaging Options

PP or LDPE Laminated PP Bags

25 KGS 35 KGS
25 KG Pachage

PP or LDPE Laminated PP Bags

50 KGS
25 KG Pachage

1000 KG Bulk Jumbo Bags

1000 KG

Industries where it is used

food industry

Food Industry

food industry

Pharma Industry

food industry

Cosmetics Industry