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Get kosher salt exported by the best salt exporters and enjoy its benefits.

Have you ever seen a salt with larger grains used for household cooking or in the bar? Kosher salt is all about salt that can adhere well to the glass and feel crunchy with each shape. The distinct flavour and versatility of this salt have made it a popular choice for most pantries and household kitchens. 

The name of this salt has been derived from its use in koshering meat. Unlike normal table salt, which contains iodine and has a fine, granular texture, Kosher salt is free from additives and iodine, making it a healthier choice. The large crystals and their ability to absorb excess moisture make them suitable for curing meat. Sprinkling two to three granules of kosher salt over exotic dishes makes it even more flavourful. 

But availing of kosher salt is not that easy. You need to connect with the best suppliers who can help you get this salt. Guruvae Salt is one of the best salt exporters from India that deals with Kosher salt and helps you get it.

What are the health benefits of Kosher Salt in Daily Cooking?

A milder version of table salt, Kosher salt has minimal sodium. For fluid balance and nerves to function correctly, our body needs sodium. Salt also produces hydrochloric acid in the body. It is good for a healthy digestive system. In addition to maintaining the body’s blood vessels and blood cells, this salt aids in controlling the electrolyte balance within it. 

Uses of Kosher Salt

There are several uses for Kosher Salt that users can enjoy. 

Flavoursome: The larger kosher salt crystals dissolve more slowly than normal table salt. Therefore, kosher salt adheres better to the food surfaces. The slower dissolution process of Kosher salt gives a flavour and texture to the food. Consequently, it is ideal for koshering meat, flavoring vegetables, and making desserts. 

Adds versatility to the food: Kosher salt is an adaptable ingredient. Food flavour and texture can be improved with its use. It is suitable for baking, roasting, and grilling. Because of its coarse texture, kosher salt is easy to sprinkle over food. 

Controlled Seasoning: Chefs can add kosher salt to dishes in a controlled way because of its large crystals and coarse texture. Unlike regular table salt or other types of salt that crumble upon adding to the food, kosher salt allows for adjusted seasoning without crumbling. This ensures that the food is perfectly seasoned.

Improved Baking: Kosher salt, sourced from top salt exporters, is a secret weapon for bakers who want to enhance the flavour of baked food. The delightful crunch added to the cookies due to their coarse texture enhances flavour and also allows the other ingredients to shine.

Things to remember before adding Kosher salt to your diet

Even though adding kosher salt to your food can improve its flavor and texture and provide health benefits, you should also be aware of its drawbacks. While this salt has added benefits over other salt types, you should consider them. 

Like the other salts, having too much Kosher salt can increase your blood pressure levels. So, if you are planning to add kosher salt to your everyday cooking, you should consult a medical practitioner and get yourself known for some underlying health conditions.


Kosher salt is one of the best varieties of salt. But, getting kosher salt is not very easy, unlike other salt types. Guruvae Salt, being one of the best salt exporters and salt manufacturers in India, can help you get kosher salt without much hassle. They have the best in-house team, and they are always there to guide and assist you with the type of salt you want to export.